21 day bone broth diet fasting

By | October 5, 2020

21 day bone broth diet fasting

Bone broth is enjoying a moment in the limelight, and for good reason. Few beverages have a nutrient profile that stacks up like bone broth. In one study of obese adults, participants lost an average of 12 lbs in eight weeks when fasting days were alternated with days of eating freely [ 6 ]. The most surprising finding was that the results appear to depend on the time of day. Participants who restricted their eating to the middle of the day saw significant health benefits. Participants who restricted their feeding to late afternoon or evening saw either no positive response or a worsening of glucose levels, blood pressure, and lipids. Fasting has also been shown to be good for brain health, improving cognition, slowing down age-related cognitive decline, and enhancing functional recovery after a stroke [ 13 Trusted Source PubMed Go to source ]. While there appears to be no research into fasting and brain fog, patients who fast often report enhanced mental clarity and focus. It also contains minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc [ 14 ]. Research into these compounds, while mostly preliminary, suggests that bone broth may have significant health benefits.

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Bone broth provides whole-food-based type II collagen, which gives it a unique nutrient profile unlike that of any other food. Bones and connective tissue contain the beneficial proteins collagen and gelatin, which are known for enhancing the appearance of skin. But a lesser known fact about collagen is that it also supports digestive health. Collagen also contains amino acids glucosamine, proline, and glycine, which promote joint health, while maintaining lean muscle mass. Bones and connective tissue are storehouses for essential amino acids and minerals — which are lacking in many diets today. Bone Broth is also a source of protein, collagen and gelatin. Simmering bones for an extended period of time is what gives bone broth its nutritional benefits, extracting the amino acids, minerals, and collagen.

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