Can diet coke cause vertigo?

By | May 26, 2021

can diet coke cause vertigo?

If so, you might not have BPPV. I would notice the sugar. And never felt the spinning attack.. Aspartame had a vestibulocochlear toxicity in a pair of siblings suggesting an idiosyncratic genetic predisposition to aspartame toxicity. Am J Otol. I bet the coffee they said was decaf was not. I bet other people will chime in with their perspectives.

I take baclofen, which is a muscle relaxant. Since then have had a 3rd episode of dizziness on this holiday weekend not able to walk or get out of the tub and in bed all day yesterday and feeling pretty off today. These side effects could build up over time and cause serious long term diseases with regular consumption of these processed sugars. Later in it was approved for use in sodas and in as a general sweetener in all foods and drinks.

Several years ago, a friend of mine was having a series of troubling symptoms including frequent headaches, dizziness and nausea. She finally visited her physician who ran a series of medical tests. Everything came back negative, so the doctor further questioned my friend about her lifestyle including her diet and sleep habits. When my friend revealed that she regularly consumed liters of diet soda each day, she was advised to discontinue her habit immediately. She did so and all of her symptoms disappeared within a week, never to return. Her physician suspected she was experiencing side effects from the excessive amount of artificial sweeteners she was consuming in the soda. Needing to lose a few pounds, last year I joined a formal weight-loss program that required me to drink one-two liters of water daily. It worked and I happily chugged away for the next several weeks. Then I began to have heart palpitations. I went home relieved that the tests were negative but remained troubled when the symptoms continued.

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Diet vertigo? cause can coke

Annabelle, make sure you go to an ENT who understands vestibular issues. He prescribed another series of either vestibular nuritis. She says that it was information. Thanks again for the great Steroid and Meclizine.

Louis Ave. Aspartame may have idiosyncratic toxic effects for some people; however, there are few case reports published in the medical literature. We present two case reports in a pair of siblings, one with a vestibular and the other with a cochlear toxicity to aspartame.

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