Diet and health risks

By | October 5, 2020

diet and health risks

The risks of a poor diet and being overweight. The risks of a poor diet and being overweight Introduction Being healthy is also about what you eat – choosing the right food. It is important to enjoy the food you eat – and eating in a healthier way may even be cheaper! There is a direct relationship between your level of physical activity and how much energy you use up from the food you eat. If you eat more than you use the surplus energy is stored as body fat; this means you will become overweight which in itself increases your risk of disease and disability. The risks to you: Coronary Heart Disease, high blood pressure, non-insulin dependent diabetes, constipation, joint pain, being out of breath. Your risks multiply if you eat too much animal fat, smoke, drink alcohol and take very little exercise The risks to your family: Coronary Heart Disease, development of bad eating habits, poor life expectancy But leading a Healthy Lifestyle isn’t only about being the right weight for your height. Understanding the ingredients that make up your diet Meat, Fish and Pulses Eating too much animal fat is a main cause of ill-health. Our bodies need very little but most of us eat too much. You may have heard of saturated fats.

Unsaturated fats, however, are found in oily fish, chicken, eggs, turkey, duck, beans and lentils and foods made from these. Fruits, vegetables, and lean protein are best. The researchers investigated the relationships of 10 different foods and nutrients with deaths related to heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. These programs have helped increase the percentage of infants born in hospitals that use these practices from 1. Open Your World It takes one small step to find the tools and resources you need to improve your wellbeing and stay healthy, active and connected. It is essential to give your body vitamins and minerals from good-quality food, such as fish, whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Heart Disease and Stroke Two of the leading causes of heart disease and stroke are high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. To achieve best results in preventing nutrition-related chronic diseases, strategies and policies should fully recognize the essential role of both diet and physical activity in determining good nutrition and optimal health. The main limitation is that it’s based on observational data, so cannot prove that poor diet caused the illnesses or deaths. In order to prevent insomnia, there are foods high in melatonin the sleep hormone and serotonin the precursor hormone like cherries, sugar-free cereal, bananas and walnuts. Cardiovascular diseases: cardiovascular diseases, the major killers worldwide, are to a great extent due to unbalanced diets and physical inactivity. The Hershey Company.

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The scientific complexities of these issues should not obscure the simple messages required to orient and guide consumers. Foods like red meat or alcohol also cause inflammation, so it’s a double whammy. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis kidney disease 45, If semi-skimmed or skimmed milk is available this is better for adults as it contains less fat. Processed foods and sugary drinks add unneeded sodium, saturated fats, and sugar to many diets, increasing the risk of chronic diseases. And, of course, the best milk for babies and young toddlers is breast milk which contains everything they need for up to six months of age for their healthy start in life and can be continued for up to two years.

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