Does the special k diet work

By | November 11, 2020

does the special k diet work

The Special K Challenge is a short-term two-week diet plan designed to kick-start weight loss in people with a BMI over 25, which classifies them as overweight. It is not meant to be followed as a long-term diet. The diet revolves around Kellogg’s products, such as Special K protein bars, in addition to Special K cereal or Kellogg’s protein shakes, along with fruits and vegetables. One regular meal a day is also allowed. A serving of cereal equals 1 cup, according to the Kellogg’s website. You eat the same meal for either breakfast or dinner; you may substitute a protein shake or meal-replacement protein bar for the cereal at either meal. The plan includes two snacks chosen from Kellogg products, including snack-sized protein bars, crackers, Special K fruit crisps or protein water mixes.

Eat two bowls of cereal a day for breakfast and lunch, then an evening meal of your choice – we look into the Special K diet plan. The Special K diet is a day program — which sees dieters replacing two of their daily meals with a bowl of the cereal and some ideally low-fat milk. Dieters are encouraged to snack on fruits and vegetables throughout the day, as well as Special K cereal bars, and then enjoy a normal, balanced meal as their third meal of the day.

I have looked at other cereals and they have about doez grams sugar or more per serving, this one only has 4. The diet does encourages you to eat other healthy foods such as fruits, yogurt, the milk, fish, chicken, vegetables and dairy that are low in carbs and fat content. But as of last sunday I cut out pop except if i was to go diet to eat. I am a person who so hates exercise so i like entertaining exercise. Ready-to-eat cereal products as meal replacements for weight loss. Fiet taste like Wheat Thins. The diet was never intended or marketed as a work weight special solution, but instead, as a jumpstart option to help you meet an initial work loss goal. Also, all my friends does have stuck with it have gained the weight back very fast after stopping the diet. The effects of the Special K challenge on body composition and biomarkers of metabolic health in healthy adults. How to Set a Weight Loss Goal. It is diet meant to be followed as a long-term diet. Updated September

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Diet work the special k does

Sorting Last Post on Top Message. I am starting the Special K diet tomorrow. I know it’s nothing to stick to long term, but I’m at a plateau, so I think losing a few pounds might be good motivation. I figure if I’m still eating healthy afterwards, as opposed to going back to junk food, the weight might stay off better than a typical fad diet. Best of luck to you! I am going on vacation in 2. The weight loss has been extremely slow and I am behind my goal weight, so I decided to try the Special K diet.

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