Gardaí issue 13,600 COVID-19 related fines to date

By | March 13, 2021

An Garda Síochána have confirmed that 13,019 fines have been issued for breaches related to non-essential travel, by the close of business yesterday, Thursday March 11.

Gardaí have issued a total of 13,600 COVID-19 related fines to date, for offences ranging across all COVID-19 breaches.

The number of fines gardaí have issued can be broken down as follows:

– 10,013 €100 fines for non-essential travel
– 538 €500 fines for non-essential journeys to airports/ports – the total number of €100 and €500 fines for non-essential journeys to airports/ports is 915
– 420 €500 fines for organising a house party and 1,620 €150 fines for attending a house party
– 244 fines of €80 each for not wearing a face covering
– 144 fines of €100 for non-essential travel by persons not ordinarily resident in the State

The highest age category to receive fines is between 18-25 year olds, making up 53% of fines issued.


75% of fines went to men.

Fines were issued more frequently over the weekend, with 23% of fines issued on a Sunday and 22% given out on a Saturday.

The Southern region of Ireland, that is Claire, Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Tipperary received the most fines with a total of 4,162.

This was followed by the Dublin region, which received a total of 3,377 COVID-19 related fines.

People issued with a COVID-19 related fine are given 28 days to pay.

Anyone who fails to pay their fine within 28 days will receive a Court date shortly after.

Gardaí have said that “it is a matter for the Court, but failure to pay the FPN can result in conviction for a first offence in the District Court in a fine of €1,000 and/or imprisonment.”

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Deputy Commissioner of Policing and Security, Anne Marie McMahon said “The vast majority of people are complying with the public health regulations. In doing so, they have made major sacrifices. This effort has saved many lives. We thank them for that,” in a statement this evening.

“Unfortunately, despite the constant public health advice, we are still seeing people attending house parties and other large social gatherings. Going to such gatherings puts yourself, your loved ones, and everyone else you come into contact with after of getting COVID-19.

“Everyone has a role to play in this. The best way of keeping safe this weekend is to stay home. If you are going out, please stay within your 5km, limit your contacts with others, maintain social distancing, and regularly wash your hands.”

An Garda Síochána have also said that they are continuing to find people gathering in groups at house parties or social gatherings, which put at risk not only those attending, but everyone they come into contact with after including loved ones, neighbours, colleagues and local community.