Improved brain function of keto diet

By | May 21, 2021

Improved brain function of keto diet

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Brain diet Improved keto function of

A complicated, yet fascinating, new study suggests ketosis can improve human brain function. While I am not familiar with this imaging protocol, I have to take the researchers at their word regarding the validity of the scans. Plus, I have to admit it sounds pretty amazing. The first part of the study was a retrospective record review showing that brain network stability decreased with age, starting at age 47 and peaking in rate of change around age The next part, however, was the most interesting. They scanned healthy volunteers first after following their standard diet, then with their standard diet after a hour fast, and finally after one week on a ketogenic diet confirmed by BHB levels averaging 0. Researchers then conducted another experiment, where they scanned healthy volunteers after their standard diet and a hour fast, followed by another scan breaking the fast with a glucose bolus, and lastly, breaking the fast with an exogenous ketone ester drink. The authors concluded that the ketogenic diet, drinking exogenous ketones and fasting all helped improve brain network stability, whereas a standard diet and a glucose bolus destabilized the brain. But since this was only one patient, it is hard to draw any real conclusions. While these data as a whole are fascinating, they are also difficult to digest.

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