Is the navy using keto diet

By | October 12, 2020

is the navy using keto diet

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In military medicine, there are many studies conducted to enhance human performance and make troops able to survive the challenges of deployments and combat. In one area, the military is examining ketogenic diets to see how they can make military divers better suited for underwater environments and undersea operations. Military doctors say there is evidence supporting the idea that military divers whose bodies are in a state of ketosis explained below may be able to remain underwater longer, enhancing mission performance for scenarios that may require extended dive times. An underwater explosive ordnance disposal scenario, for example, could be greatly enhanced by extended dive times. There are varying types of keto diets, but they all focus on lowering carbs in some way and raising the amount of protein. According to a Harvard publication from , a true ketogenic diet differs from Atkins and other types. Ketogenic diets work because they put the human body in a state of ketosis, where the usual fuel the body uses, glucose, is not utilized.

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