Keto diet and feeling asthmatic

By | December 8, 2020

keto diet and feeling asthmatic

In my 26 years of medical practice allergies and asthma were 2 of the most common complaints I faced. What I came to understand is that all allergy symptoms are caused by our own immune system overreacting. I had a military career. On Army Bases there were 5 levels of alert. Having a high level of inflammation in the body puts people at much greater risk for allergic conditions like asthma and nasal allergies. Any attack by a foreign organism infection or substance pollen or dust mites, or damage to the body is going increase the Alert Level of our Immune system and the C-reactive protein speedometer is going to rev up. The good news is that ketogenic diets like Zero Carb have been shown to drive inflammation and C-reactive Protein down.

Improving your diet reduces inflammation, which in turn helps your lungs feel better. With Asthma your airways are always under inflammation. Many foods can potentially cause or worsen inflammation. That is why changing diet is a good way to help control asthma. Sometimes asthma attacks and the inability to breath can feel overwhelming, discouraging any attempt to change our habits and general health for the better. It requires hard self discipline to change habits and make healthier choices. The ultimate goal is to retrain the body to make healthier choices instead of actively forcing it every time to make these decisions. The toughest manager is always yourself. Employees who constantly face a boss who only shouts and expresses disappointment will hardly feeling motivated. Likewise, learning how to support and encourage oneself will have a positive impact on cultivating and internalizing healthy habits. Remember that the goal is to stay positive, and start by changing habits slowly instead of forcing everything at once.

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Keto diet and feeling asthmatic know that

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