Keto diet and word of wisdom

By | December 16, 2020

keto diet and word of wisdom

I bounced from diet to diet trying to find an approach that worked best for me. Healthy fats, e. When meat makes up the main part of our food intake, we crowd out other foods and, consequently, their nutrients. So again, the Word of Wisdom is in a list form. The Ketogenic Diet, or Keto for short, relies on the biological process called ketosis. I no longer have the energy to work longer than 4 hours without a rest. I’ve thrived on plant-based whole foods since Vegetables contain only small amounts of protein, and fruits practically none at all. Thanks for sharing. Also, verse 13 to me anyway suggests that it isn’t a good idea to restrict meat to only times of winter, cold, or famine.

Have the Saints always given as much emphasis to the Word of Wisdom as they do today? Every Primary child can recite what living the Word of Wisdom means: no tea, coffee, tobacco, and alcohol. Science continues to verify how wise we are to avoid these substances. The fact that the Word of Wisdom is a commandment is the reason we should obey it. One key to understanding some of the positive recommendations in the Word of Wisdom may be found by looking at dietary practices in America during the early s, keeping in mind that vitamins were not even discovered until the twentieth century! It was hard to preserve fruits and vegetables for more than a few months, and they were usually eaten before spring. The cure?

As Latter-day Saints, we place great emphasis on being healthy. With this injunction and revelations such as the Word of Wisdom, Mormons are naturally prone to trying to eat healthy on average. Sometimes though, we fall into the trap of fad diets. We can assume that many of these diets actually work in the realm of weight loss, but which ones coincide with what the Word of Wisdom actually tells us? Here are some that do fall in line with modern revelation. For us to see how these diets go up against the Word of Wisdom, we should probably look at some of the criteria given to us by the actual revelation.

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