Low carb diet…honey nut cheerios?

By | May 16, 2021

low carb diet...honey nut cheerios?

When you opted to try the keto diet, you knew you would have to cut waaaay back on carbs. But one meal of the day in particular tends to be pretty carb-heavy—breakfast. Hello, bagels, pastries, pancakes, donuts, waffles, and Not to mention, most of the classic cereals tend to be high in sugar and if you’re used to eating those you might find it difficult to cut down. But there is a solution. And luckily, there are actually a bunch of low-carb, keto-friendly cereals on the market that can help with that. Most of them would even be appetizing to people not on the keto diet.

Eating it at night is of carbs – 27g, to be exact, only 3 of which are fiber, so it. Unfortunately bananas are naturally full.

I used to eat cereal. It tastes good, it is fast and easy. It can sit in your closet forever. The labels say that they are good for you. I never lost weight eating it, in fact, I gained. So, is Cereal good for a diet? They are a killer. Look at this label for Cheerios, one of the least offensive carb and calorie wise of the cereals. Many of these cereals are GM. Look for organic or go to a store with more organic choices. The ingredients are mostly oat, CORN starch, sugar and salt. Notice very little is good!

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