No carb diet for hikers

By | February 2, 2021

no carb diet for hikers

I never expected our hike to turn into an endless search for avocados. I thought that resupplying would be a breeze, that local diners and grocery stores would have plenty of keto-friendly foods we could eat as we worked our way down the trail. Man, was I ever wrong. My husband and I came to the low-carb way of eating fairly recently. But along with the unwanted weight, we both developed serious medical issues we needed to address. By restricting your carbohydrate intake, you force your body into ketosis, i. It sounded great and worked even better.

Walk for a few hours on Friday to help deplete glycogen carb while for sure to stay hydrated hikers electrolytes duet detailed below. Diet very recently went on a hiking trip with some friends who are not low carb. A lot of nice nature to visit net carbs. Be sure to use this script with MyFitnessPal to enable. Some camp safety rules to.

Yesterday was the official last day of Summer, and I was out hiking one of the most rugged and remote areas of Middle TN. The trails were littered with Fall color already! This particular hike was an ambitious undertaking. MUCH more ambitious than we realized going in, lol. Not only was it a couple miles longer than indicated, it was a seriously rugged trail with lots of rocks and hills to navigate. Fortunately I fueled up on a good breakfast, and we brought along healthy low carb foods, because we were in the depths of nowhere for a good 6 hours! I actually hear this question a lot. On a keto diet, you fuel your body with healthy fats instead.

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