No food after 2 diet

By | January 28, 2021

no food after 2 diet

By Caroline Williams. AS I unpack my rations for the next five days, I start to question what I have signed up to. For years I have heard the hype about fasting diets and what they promise: smaller thighs, a clearer head, a lower risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes and the promise of a generally longer, healthier life. But then there is the hunger. Hunger makes me angry, and tired, and generally not a very nice person. So I have always given fasting diets a miss: the diet where you fast for two days a week and eat normally the others; the where you eat within an 8 hour window, and fast for 16; the alternate day fasting. You name it, it seems someone has tried it.

It seems everyone on a weight-loss mission is humming the virtues of intermittent fasting, from the cult diet to the wildly popular keto diet. Now researchers have found that fasting to support your body’s natural rhythms could be crucial to weight loss success. More specifically; polishing your last meal of the day at 2pm I KNOW, yikes that’s early may help you shed the kilos. READ: The best intermittent fasting diet is The study’s participants were made up of 11 men and women who needed to lose weight, all aged between 20 and 45, with a BMI between 25 and Participants tried two different meal timing strategies: eating three meals spread out over a hour period; and eating three meals spaced over an eTRF six-hour period — the latter starting with breakfast at 8am, and ending with the last meal at 2pm. Interestingly, the eTRF approach was shown to suppress the participant’s appetite, rather than burn more calories, according to the report published in the journal Obesity. The almost-two-year study is the first to demonstrate how meal-timing strategies affect our hour energy metabolism.

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