Remote Monitoring for Peritoneal Dialysis: Interview with Aly ElBadry, CEO of CloudCath

CloudCath, a medtech company based in San Francisco, has created the CloudCath system, a remote monitoring technology that provides clinicians with data on the spent dialysate fluid of at-home peritoneal dialysis patients. CloudCath is incorporated into the drain line of peritoneal dialysis systems, and wirelessly transmits data to the cloud, with proprietary algorithms then highlighting… Read More »

Fútbol, banderas y diversión: estrategias creativas para vacunar a los latinos en Colorado

Los tambores se escuchaban sin parar mientras los fanáticos de la selección mexicana de fútbol se reunían en Empower Field, en Mile High, para un partido de fútbol internacional. Pero dentro de una casa rodante médica móvil estacionada cerca del estadio, había silencio y el tono era profesional. Durante el medio tiempo del partido de… Read More »

Exercise & mental health: professional footballer reveals 5 major benefits

Profesional Footballer Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu tells Healthista five ways exercise can help to boost our mental health We all know that exercise is essential for the body, but the benefits for your mental health are just as important. In the UK, one in four people experience mental health problems every year, and according to some… Read More »

21 Marvel Couples Ranked by How Hard We Ship Them

Super-powered people have problems too. Like non-magical humans, Marvel movie characters struggle with love, and bicker with their siblings. Their relationships are what show their true character and keep their humanity (or empathy, if they’re gods) in check. When you’re all that stands in the way of Earth’s potential annihilation, you’ve got to have some… Read More »