From skin to bones: The benefits of a common labeling language for enterprise imaging

Every medical specialty uses imaging. A patient might have X-rays from a ten-year-old fracture along with MRI scans and surgical photos from a recent cancer. The wealth of information affords doctors a more detailed look at a patient. Enterprise imaging brings all of the specialties together. A photograph of a melanoma by a dermatologist, say,… Read More »

Drug Distributors and Johnson & Johnson Reach $26 Billion Deal to End Opioid Suits

Advertisement Continue reading the main story Supported by Continue reading the main story Drug Distributors and J.&J. Reach $ 26 Billion Deal to End Opioid Lawsuits The agreement would allow funds to begin flowing from the companies to states and communities to pay for addiction and prevention services. McKesson Corporation, along with Cardinal Health and… Read More »