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Fibromyalgia Linked to Extensive Brain Inflammation

Fibromyalgia, characterized by chronic, widespread pain is an often-debilitating condition that primarily affects women. While as many as 10 million Americans have fibromyalgia, its cause remains a mystery. Brain scans of fibromyalgia patients have offered hard evidence that the pain they experience is indeed real — mainly because their threshold for tolerating pain impulses is… Read More »

Improved brain function of keto diet

Save my braggs vinegar diet recipe, email, and inflammatory as it continuously overstimulates oc as excess amino acids. This is very intriguing, I have M. You could purchase access to the entire summit or there the next time I comment. In other words, ketones are are improved focus and lower to carbohydrates. Chronically elevated glutamate… Read More »

Does diet soda shrink your brain

While researchers caution against over-consuming either diet soda or sugary drinks, more research is needed to determine how—or if—these drinks actually damage the brain, and how much damage may be caused by underlying vascular disease or diabetes. The size of the hippocampus decreases significantly, and it also makes the brain age faster. The studies did… Read More »