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What is the natural diet of cats

The pictures above are many years old. Weight control simply means ensuring an energy balance: energy in equals energy out. Cats that eat an imbalanced diet are at risk for a variety of health issues. Capsules stay fresh longer than bottled oil which can become rancid. Other foods Fish, such as tinned sardines in springwater,… Read More »

Raw food diet for cats cheaper

This translates into It is almost by definition more expensive to feed than kibble because of this alone. Moreover, you know what you are feeding and where it comes from. This is what works for us and how we feel our cats are healthiest. We decided to sit down, do the math, and come up… Read More »

How do cats get protein in their diet

Lee Danks, in the 10th of his series for Royal Canin, reminds us of cats’ carnivorous nature. What might be useful to review is not only what this truly means, but what consequences this has for the individual in their everyday health. As obligate carnivores, cats rely on nutrients in animal tissues to meet their… Read More »