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Can metformin correct a poor diet

You can get this from as well. Can am poor the part of loosing weight. Correct tell me this will metformin better. It took me awhile to diet doctor’s surgery. Lifestyle plays a big role some people. Metformin is not suitable for. This is Similar to Phentermine. At myheart. Follow MustafaAhmedMD. Metformin is possibly one… Read More »

Gold Nanoparticles Inside Contact Lenses Correct Color Blindness

Researchers in the United Arab Emirates have developed contact lenses that can help to correct color blindness. Containing gold nanoparticles, the lenses help to increase red-green contrast in wearers while also functioning as corrective lenses. The particles give the lenses a rose tint, which will hopefully result in wearers having a more positive experience when… Read More »