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Remote Monitoring for Peritoneal Dialysis: Interview with Aly ElBadry, CEO of CloudCath

CloudCath, a medtech company based in San Francisco, has created the CloudCath system, a remote monitoring technology that provides clinicians with data on the spent dialysate fluid of at-home peritoneal dialysis patients. CloudCath is incorporated into the drain line of peritoneal dialysis systems, and wirelessly transmits data to the cloud, with proprietary algorithms then highlighting… Read More »

Dialysis low protein diet

Peer Review reports. Liyanage T. Chou, David E. G Ital Nefrol ; 9 : 1 — 9. It can cause high blood pressure, swelling and heart failure. Limit sodium to help cut down on thirst. Recently, diabetes mellitus has become the most common cause of CKD worldwide. In nephrotic syndrome, dietary intervention should also include… Read More »