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Protein diet hair loss

Your diet is hugely important to the health of your hair. If you are wondering why this should be the case, here is some of the science behind it. Your hair cells are the second fastest-growing cells in your body second only to intestinal cells. To add to this, you have roughly , hairs on… Read More »

Personality changes with low carb diet

Keywords: obesity, overweight, weight loss, low-carbohydrate diets, psychosocial outcomes, mood, depression, anxiety. This sense of isolation can affect your mood, says Vora. While these intense feelings can low up carb any time from two weeks to with year into your plan, psychologists have found most people experience these emotions diet three to four months into… Read More »

What fruits can i eat on atkins diet?

Strawberries go a long way when sliced. Bard: Why do atkina crave sugary foods? If you have high blood pressure, the potassium can grapefruit may diet? balance the amount of fluid and sodium in your body. The lowest carb fruit 1 to 5 net carbs are some of the highest in nutritional value, antioxidants and… Read More »