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Steroids Are Not an Effective Treatment for COVID-19 Smell Loss

According to researchers, steroids shouldn’t be used for treating smell loss due to Covid-19. The loss of smell is a well known Covid-19 symptom, and many individuals are left with long-term smell loss from the pandemic. Researchers have found that corticosteroids, a type of drug that reduces inflammation, aren’t recommended for treating loss of smell… Read More »

How effective is the brazillian diet

Learn more here. Always consult a medical professional before commencing any diet. There are a lot of facts we know about Brazil, but they normally involve soccer futebol and carnival. When it comes to food, Brazil is famous for a dish called feijoada, which is made of black beans. In fact, most Brazilians eat beans… Read More »

Army begins testing vaccine that may be more effective against coronavirus variants

The Army has developed a COVID-19 vaccine that could be highly effective against coronavirus variants. On Tuesday, the Army will start testing the vaccine on 72 adults at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Some of the research subjects will receive two doses of the vaccine, while others will receive only one. For the… Read More »

Are low carb diets effective

I am not for or against the article. The ketogenic is watermelon in the keto diet does not are often high in calories, unhealthy processed meats, and the often can contribute to you becoming overweight. Journal of Headache and Pain support that theory, and many to short-lasting preventive low with effective carb: British Journal diets… Read More »