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The Real Reason They Want to Give COVID Jabs to Kids

In this interview, Alix Mayer explains why our children are being so aggressively targeted for the COVID-19 injection even though they’re not at risk of serious SARS-CoV-2 infection, and clarifies the status of Comirnaty. Mayer, board president of Children’s Health Defense —California Chapter, is herself vaccine injured; not from the COVID jab, but from a… Read More »

What Can I Give My Dog for Allergies?

Dogs can suffer with pet allergy issues too. When spring arrives, the pollen goes flying, making many of us miserable with seasonal allergy issues. Others may suffer from indoor or food allergies, meaning that our issues can pop up any time of the year. As a pet owner, you may already know that dogs can… Read More »

Can diet coke give you pimples

Since soda giv be sugary — or filled with sweeter-than-sugar additives — the rumor has spread that drinking soda can make you dier out. Type keyword s to search. Perrie’s new give haircut is so ’00s it hurts. Leave a Comment. So, in theory, avoiding the glucose helps reduce the inflammation. But, pimples you notice… Read More »