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Frozen Japanese sweets half the calories of ice-cream but even more delicious

Hold on to your 99s – Little Moons are about to change the ice cream world for ever. These bite-sized Japanese delights are made by encasing ice cream in rice flour dough and they have been flying off ­supermarket shelves in the UK. Each one contains just 70-80 calories – roughly half the amount found… Read More »

Ethnic diversity helps identify more genomic regions linked to diabetes-related traits

By including multi-ethnic participants, a large scale genetic study has identified more regions of the genome linked to type 2 diabetes-related traits than if the research had been conducted in Europeans alone. The international MAGIC collaboration, made up of more than 400 global academics, conducted a genome-wide association meta-analysis led by the University of Exeter.… Read More »

This Small Canadian Drugmaker Wants to Make J&J Vaccines for Poor Nations. It Needs More Than a Patent Waiver.

Biolyse Pharma Corp., which makes injectable cancer drugs, was gearing up to start making generic biologic drugs, made from living organisms. Then the pandemic hit. Watching the covid death toll climb, the company decided its new production lines and equipment could be converted to making vaccines for poorer countries without the means to do so.… Read More »