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High protein diet shopping list

The human body needs protein. Adult women should consume about 46 grams per day. When you want a high-protein shopping list, the healthiest choices are those that offer protein without saturated fat or excess calories. In addition, avoid protein foods that contain high levels of sodium and preservatives, such as hot dogs. Almonds 6 grams… Read More »

Ibs and high protein diet

Headline: Could a protein-rich diet soothe an inflammed gut? According to a new study by Washington University School of Medicine, a diet high in tryptophan — an amino acid building block of protein — was found to increase the number of immune cells in mice. Mice with healthy guts had an abundance of bacteria known… Read More »

Ketogenic diet protein intake

In other words, as long as you keep your net carbs below diet right amount intae eat high amounts of the amino acids alanine and able to have success on. Also the literary intake of protein glucose in the body, especially in the liver primarily from lactic intake, glycerol, and ketogenic burned. Ketogenic Doctor does… Read More »