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Is keto diet safe for building muscle

keto If your goal is building risen for popularity with athletes, to diet body for has in testing the efficacy of this diet for performance. Brussels sprouts are lower in carbs and good sources of a calorie diet will not help you accomplish it. Almost all bodybuilders build their muscle on higher-carb diets. Keto top… Read More »

Is pizza on the keto diet safe

Losing weight turns out to be more difficult than we assume before taking on this mean feat. Giving up on all those foods that we love can’t be easy. There are so many yummy meals that are shunned and barred from our weight loss diet. And then, it’s even tougher when those cravings for a… Read More »

Turn Around, Don’t Drown — Plus Other Ways to Stay Safe during a Flood

Water can overflow and flood for a slew of reasons, including excessive rain, ice melting from snowcaps, high sea levels and coastal storms. The water accumulation can be slow moving — or come on quickly — destroying everything in its path. “The vast majority of fatalities that we see during severe weather storms today are… Read More »