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Is a Social Credit System Coming for Us?

A Social Credit Score System Is Piloted in Bologna, Italy The city administration of Bologna, Italy, is piloting a program that brings the beast of the Fourth Industrial Revolution straight to the citizens. It’s an early reiteration of Klaus’ Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, the honey moon, so to speak — so it comes to the… Read More »

Psychreg Named ‘Best Online & Mental Health Platform’ at This Year’s GHP Social Care Awards by James Lovell

GHP Magazine has announced the winners of the 2021 Social Care Awards, where Psychreg was named as the ‘Best Online & Mental Health Platform’ for this year. Social Care is an unsung hero of healthcare, operating almost behind the scenes to help all those who need it. Over the last year, that need has only… Read More »

Is diet culture a social issue

Learning that my body is not to be trusted with knowing hunger, fullness and satisfaction. Like, pathologically fearful about weight gain. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As one fashion designer states, “We rarely see tall and maternity editions of clothing being priced differently. Every other diet I have tried has either resulted in… Read More »