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Over 2 million likely had long COVID-19 in England, study estimates

A new study projects more than 2 million adults in England likely experienced persistent symptoms in the months following COVID-19 infection, or so-called long COVID. Researchers affiliated with Imperial College London released findings Thursday, stemming from over half a million people in England who participated in several rounds of the Real-Time Assessment of Community Transmission-2… Read More »

Powerful new study confirms high-fat diet is best

Vegetables : Fresh produce choose those that last longer, such as potatoes, onions, carrots, pumpkin, and cabbage, frozen vegetables and canned vegetables e. Although there was inconsistency in how the revised message was first expressed, the intent in all cases was to recognize unanticipated consequences of the low-fat message including: reduced consumption of all types… Read More »

Raw vegan diet study

Just as the name implies, a raw food diet shuns foods that have been cooked. This excludes many common staples, such as flour, sugar, legumes, and cooked meat. This leaves fruits, raw vegetables, nuts and seeds. An advantage of this diet is that it emphasizes foods that are only slowly digested and that contain fewer… Read More »