The 13 Most Talked About Fitness Accessories for 2021

By | May 23, 2021

Working out and staying fit at home has become part of our routine in the midst of a pandemic. At first, it was hard to imagine that we could ever get our exercise in. But lucky for us, a number of gyms and trainers began to provide workout routines for us online. With a little bit of innovation over the past year, we were able to begin working out at home. While this could be done with our own body weight, some of us went for a full upgrade. We’re talking  weights, equipment, and devices that assist in our exercise.

We decided to do some research to find out which devices are the most-talked about and the best of the best. Some of these will allow you to track your heart rate, work out at home, and do much, much more. Keep reading below for some of the best fitness accessories of 2021!

The Best Fitness Accessories Of 2021

1) Barcode Plant-Based Functional Beverage ($ 48 for a 12-pack)

best fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of Barcode

This functional beverage acts as a driver of your body and it’s natural systems. Adaptogens unlock your full potential and keep you sound in mind and body. Shop here.

2) B Yoga Strong Yoga Mat ($ 96)

best fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of B Yoga

It’s so hard to find the perfect yoga mat. But this one from B Yoga is strong, high performance, and comfortable to boot. Get support while you restore your body. Shop here.

3) Polar Vintage M Sport Watch ($ 279.95)

best fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of Polar Vantage

This is an all-in-one multi-sport watch with advanced heart rate for goal-oriented athletes, featuring proprietary Precision Prime™ wrist-based heart rate fusion technology. There is also a waterproof, GPS-enabled and featuring an always-on color touch screen display if you’re looking to take your workout outside. Switch up the color style if you want as well. Shop here.

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4) FightCamp Home Boxing Gym ($ 1095)

best fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of FightCamp

There are a few at-home boxing gyms, but FightCamp is definitely our top pick. The FightCamp Gym puts the best elements of a world-class boxing gym directly into your home. It’s also compact and mobile. There are 120 plus workouts in the app led by past and former professional fighters. Get your sweat on! Shop here

5) The Mirror ($ 1,495)

best fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of The Mirror

Trade your gym for The Mirror, the home fitness system hiding in plain sight. Enjoy cardio, strength, yoga, boxing, Pilates, barre, and more in your own home. Live and also on-demand classes. All fitness levels. Workouts on your schedule. Shop here.

6) Apple Watch 5 ($ 399.99)

best fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of Apple

This is the most advanced Apple Watch yet, featuring the Always-On Retina display, the ECG app, international emergency calling, fall detection, and a built‑in compass. It’s incredibly easy to use, and also a feast for the eyes. Shop here.

7) UrbanEars Pampas Bluetooth On Ear Headphones ($ 150)

fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of Urban Ears

Even if you’re at home, sometimes it’s not ideal to blast music at home. We love these UrbanEars Pampas Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones are uniquely designed to deliver 30+ hours of wireless playtime. Enjoy extra-long listening sessions and move through work-outs with ease. Shop here.

8) Juiced Bikes: RipCurrent S Step-Through ($ 2,699)

best fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of Juiced Bikes

An e-bike for longevity! We love this bike from Juiced Bikes to cool us down and get us across the cities we live in. We use it without it’s electric function and then power us through the rest of our workout. Like having one from the gym! Shop here.

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9) Marshall Wolburn Speaker II ($ 499)

best fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of Marshall

If you’ve invested in an at-home gym, this Marshall speaker looks amazing, sounds incredible, and powers us through our workouts. You’ll definitely get your sweat on with this accessory. Shop here.

10) Theragun Mini ($ 199)

Image: Courtesy of Theragun

Now that we have more flexibility to vacation, we want to take our new fitness routine on the go. This mini version of the popular Theragun massager is perfect for travel and a quick weekend getaway. Shop here.

11) Bala Bangles The Power Ring Set ($ 145)

best fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of Bala

The cutest fitness accessories around! This set includes three concentric weights that come in 10 pounds, 8 pounds, and 5 pounds. They’re super user-friendly and increase strength, agility, and balance. Shop here.

12) Set Active Sculptflex Ribbed One Shoulder Sports Bra ($ 45)

fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of Set Active

The only one shoulder sports bra we’ve used that stays put. Look fashionable and sophisticated while getting in shape. Clothing is one of our favorie fitness accessories. Shop here.

13) Gymshark Long Medium Resistance Band ($ 20)

best fitness accessories
Image: Courtesy of Gymshark

For those of us not ready to hit the gym IRL, getting a resistance band to practice with at home is great for mimicking the weights you see in the rack room. We love this great one from Gym Shark! Not to mention, the bands are super cute. Shop here.