The Moon Might Be Able to Predict Your Wedding Day

By | June 22, 2021
Wedding planning is a difficult and long process for one day. The fear always looms over our heads about what that one day will look like or how it will go. Thankfully, there is a force in the universe we can turn to so we can ensure it is everything we dreamed of and more, and that is the moon. We spoke to expert Ashley Cramer, the founder of the Lunar Alignment membership app and a fully initiated Pampamesayok shaman about how to choose the perfect date for the type of wedding and marriage we want to have. Keep reading for more!

How the Moon Might Be Able to Predict Your Wedding Day

Lunar astrology uses the phases of the moon for self-care, transformation, and manifestation. The moon governs our emotions, and each lunar phase has a specific energy. By connecting with these natural universal rhythms, we become intentional about how we flow through our lives and create greater alignment within ourselves. We can use the moon to harness our next career moves, what kind of baby we may have, and what our wedding day may look like. Ashley Cramer, the founder of the Lunar Alignment, tells us how to plan for the type of wedding we want to have.

The Phase of the Moon

The phase the moon is in is a good indicator of what influence it will have on your marriage. The Full Moon feels passionate, fun, full of energy, and great for a couple that is super connected. If you want your marriage to be like this, you need to wed under the Full Moon. Its intense, powerful, and cosmic forces help balance the energies of light and darkness. If you want many blessings, choose this moon prediction wedding.

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Under a New Moon, you will have growth and new beginnings. This moon phase is the beginning of the lunar cycle, so it’s full of rebirth and refresh. You’ll feel loved, creative, and compassionate.

The Sign the Moon Is In

Whichever sign the moon phase is in also matters. Look to the star sign’s personality traits to determine what your wedding will be like. For a good, adventurous time, try doing your wedding under a Sagittarius moon. For a sweet and emotional wedding, have a summer wedding under a Cancer Moon. There are so many to choose from. Good luck with your wedding planning!